An Inexpensive Case for Your iPad

With our first student-use iPad in our choir program, I wanted a case that would offer some functionality at a limited cost. Having used many cases and having shopped around for cases, I didn’t want to spend the $40 (or more) for an iPad case. Fortunately, I had seen some cases for the iPad 2 at, and decided to give one of those cases, which mimics my own Apple Smart Cover/Incipio Feather Case combination which I use a majority of the time. I also wanted it in black, should the iPad ever be used in performance. The link for this case can be found here.

With shipping, the single case was around $15, and the iPad would fit with the case in most of the mobile carts I have seen. It arrived quickly, fit perfectly, and had a few surprises.

I knew the case had a magnetic latch, but it had a fuzzy interior both over the iPad screen, and behind the iPad. No worries about scratches from this case–front or back! There is a small Monoprice logo engraved in the back of the case. The cover can fold to hold the iPad for typing or as a stand, but the grooves don’t match up with the Smart Cover, resulting in a typing surface or even a process of holding the iPad with the cover folded back, different than the “Apple” experience.

Even so, this solution is $15, versus $69 for the Apple Smart Cover (Black/Leather) and Incipio ($39).

If your school–or if you–requires a cheap magnetic case for the iPad 2 (this model will not work with the new iPad), check out this Monoprice case!




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