A “Don’t Do This” SmartMusic Moment

I wanted to assign. SmartMusic assignment without a “recording” score…in other words, students would simply get the score they earned, knowing they would get no feedback from me as an instructor.

Well, it turns out that if you set up an assignment without a recording score, SmartMusic gives you the visual image of how the student did, but does not allow you to hear the performance. So I can see how those students did, but I cannot hear their performance if I wish to hear it.

I’ve been bothered by teachers that insinuate that they will listen to student recordings but then fail to do so (or give credit without listening), so I’ve been an advocate of honesty…if you are not going to listen, let the students know! I thought that by not enabling a recording score (and writing a note on the assignment that I would not listen to all recordings), I would still have the ability to listen to those recordings if I wanted to (e.g. A bad score, or a higher score than I would expect). Oops.

The moral of the story: set both a SmartMusic score and a Recording score for your assessments, even if you are not going to listen to all of them (still let the students know).

Side note: I wish students could resubmit assignments themselves until the due date. For example, they do an assessment on Monday, but try again on Friday and do better, so they could replace their assignment until the due date passed. Right now, if they submit an assignment, they cannot resubmit the assignment unless I resubmit the activity for them.


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