An Apple TV installation…

Chris Sepersky just uploaded a great post about creating a classroom (choir) set-up utilizing AppleTV. He mentions that the cost of the entire set-up is less than buying one interactive white board (I’m assuming this means JUST the whiteboard, without the projector or computer needed to run a projector). This is a great read for anyone wishing to go the AppleTV route in a “fresh” (i.e. no technology) situation.

I was able to add an Apple TV in my room using existing techology which included a SMART Board, sound system, and a projector. All I needed was an Apple TV ($99), HDMI to VGA Converter ($99), and an HDMI cable ($10). The negative aspect of my installation is that our SMART Board is in the 16×9 format, meaning that the typical projected image from an iPad remains in the 4×3 format in the 16×9 space (and thus is smaller than I would like).

My other goal is to eventually move away from the projector altogether, because the image is hard to read in a lighted room, and bulbs burn out. 80″ LCD screens (widescreen) are now available fo $4500. My hope is that a 96″ (or larger) will be released in that same price range.


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