Quiet Times

I’m sorry I’ve been so removed from blogging the last weeks. As I’ve mentioned before, my latest son was born on March 15th, and after a week of parental leave, I’m back at my “day job” and then trying to be a help at home at night. It’s been a good time–overall–with the little one, although sleep deprivation is affecting life (as it does for all parents). I was fortunate to have a retired vocal music teacher fill in for me for a week; therefore my students had made progress on their music over the week of school that I wasn’t present. That doesn’t always happen.

I’m still waiting to buy a new iPad; something that will have to wait as my wife will be on maternity leave–at some point without pay (once her accumulated vacation time disappears), and I’d prefer for our family to eat and make our various payments than have an retina screen at this point.

One other bit of information: my family had been working together on an iBook before our newest member of the family arrived, and in the sleepless nights of the last weeks, we put the final touches on the book. The book has been submitted to Apple for approval, and when it is available I will post about it. For the record, it is NOT a book on technology in music education, but it does involve the iPad. The book will sell for Apple’s lowest price point, $0.99.

I am very excited for tomorrow…I hope to be able to make a very special post about tomorrow in the near future.


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