Personal Flashback: A Pre-Apple Era

This will probably be my last flashback post–at least for some time.  As my second son was born less than two weeks ago, I’ve spent some time in iPhoto looking through my old pictures.  I came across this picture of my first son, Andy, as he was a baby.  He’s looking at my old Dell Inspiron 6000 (playing an episode of The Office, by the way) in 2008.

This picture was taken at a time when I didn’t have an iPhone (I still had a Motorola RAZR), didn’t have a MacBook, didn’t have an iPod Touch, didn’t have an Airport Extreme, didn’t have an Apple TV, and didn’t have an iPad.  My wife and I did have iPods at the time (5th Generation iPods known as Video iPods), but we had not gone all-Apple at that point.

Several months later, my wife and I would buy iPhones, which would lead to MacBooks and everything else.

And my son turns four in just a couple of months.  Less that four years ago, I wasn’t an Apple guy.  Now I can’t imagine life without my Apple products.  It’s amazing to me how swift and complete that transition was for me after years of being an all-Windows guy.


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