Powerful Video: Felix Klieser (F Horn)

Rick Dammers posted a tweet yesterday about a video of a (German?  Austrian?) French Horn player named Felix Klieser:

[tweet https://twitter.com/#!/rdammers/status/182623770710773761]

The video seems to embed in the tweet (very cool), but just in case, here is the embedded WordPress link to the video itself:

Someone posted a translation of Mr. Klieser’s Comments:

In the end, If you are on stage or somebody is listening to it on the radio or on cd, it doesn`t matter if you have arms or not but what it sounds like. Of course you have to play the instrument a different way and approach things a different way, but basically, I can play like everyone who does have arms.

Take the video as you will (whether you want to encourage your students to stop whining and practice, or just simply reflect on the human spirit that finds a way to express itself through music regardless of the odds)…but it’s a 1:14 clip (1 minute, 14 second) that’s worth watching.


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