Flashback: 2008 and the iPod 5G (Video)

As I’ve been looking through some old pictures, I came across this photo from a trip I took with my choir to New York City in June of 2008.  The picture is of a slice of Junior’s Cheesecake next to my 60 GB iPod Video (5th Generation).


I took this picture as a point of reference to share with my wife at a later time, as she had just given birth to my oldest son (her second child), and she was unable to accompany us on the tour.  As both my wife and I had iPods (mine was black, hers was white) and they were…get this…$399 each.

That’s right…we spent as much on an iPod as a brand new 16GB iPad 2 will cost you today.

That was just under four years ago.


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