This morning, several of the music education “techies” linked to another blog, Tambourines and Technology, by Chris Sepersky, an elementary music teacher in the Milwaukee, WI area (Thanks to Brenda Muench, Barbara Freedman, and Amy Willis for the tweets).  It looks like Mr. Sepersky started his blog in March, and I’ve added his blog to the blog list and subscribed to it on my RSS reader.

As a side note, I’ve now changed how links appear on my page; I’ve divided links by their “natural” categories:

  • Collegiate: music ed tech blogs in the collegiate setting
  • Elementary: music ed tech blogs in the elementary setting
  • Gen. Technology: music tech blogs that aren’t grade specific
  • Private Music: music tech blogs from private lesson settings
  • Professional Organizations: music ed tech professional organizations
  • Secondary: music ed tech blogs in the secondary setting

Just because a blog is listed in a specific category doesn’t mean that the author only writes about “that level.”  But I think it might be helpful for new readers to sort through the links and find other bloggers that are at their level first.  If you are a blogger and you feel you are in the wrong category, send me an e-mail; I’ll be happy to change your category.


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