An addition to our family

I consider Technology in Music Education to be my “professional” blog, but in the process of blogging, you get to know a number of other bloggers and readers as friends. There is a point at which that is no longer possible, but one of the blessings of the topic of technology in music education is that the “leaders” in the field are small group of good people. As such, I’m sharing a bit of personal news this evening.

I haven’t been writing about the new iPad (probably a shock to many readers) and do not yet own a new iPad. My wife went into labor late on the 14th of March, and our son was born at 7:07am on March 15th. Although the launch of the new iPad wasn’t until the 16th, I wasn’t leaving to stand in line at Wal-Mart at midnight, or anywhere else. I did have to make a short run to Target and Wal-Mart later in the day for some clothes for our son to wear home (we had brought an outfit, but it was too big for him), and I did see a new iPad in the White 64GB wi-fi flavor, along with some new 16GB black AT&T models. My next iPad will probably be the Black 64GB Verizon LTE model, so I did not buy a new iPad at the time, although I could have done so. My wife will eventually want the white version (probably without LTE), but she’s just starting to transition to her iPad now that iPhoto and Photoshop are available on the device.

As an additional iPad note, the news on the street is that you shouldn’t really consider anything less than a 32GB iPad, and if you can afford it, go for the 64GB variety. The new iPad retina apps are so large that you’ll need that space. Sadly, if you run those same programs on an iPad 2 (like mine), they still take up that much space.

So, we’re now in the process of acclimating to a new person in our house who will have his own schedule. I am thankful to get 5 contractual days of parental leave in our contract, so I will miss a full week of school helping out here at home. And with a three year old and a twelve year old stepson, there’s plenty to try to manage. This past week has been our school’s spring break, so I missed a few days of it for good reason. Soon I’ll be in that parental full-time zombie mode that all parents know so well. But we’re thankful that our son is (so far) a very peaceful baby overall.

That’s the big news from my part of the world and the explanation of why I’ve written so little during the launch of a new iPad. So, as a grateful father, I wish the very best to all of you and thank you for continued support of this blog.



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