A few more words about my iBook

This will be the last blog entry (at least, for a while) regarding my iBook that is available on the iBookstore.  There are a few things I wanted to mention about the iBook that I forgot to mention in my last post about the book.

  1. The price of the iBook is $4.99.  It is public knowledge that to sell a book on the iBookstore, Apple gets 30% of the price, and the author (or publisher) gets 70% of the price.  When all is said and done, each iBook brings in about $3.49 (US)–at least before income tax.  The book is priced so that it is a good deal for the reader, and so that it has the potential to bring in a small financial reward for putting together the book–not to mention as a incentive for me to create a second edition of the book in the future, as technology will continue to change.
  2. At this point, I do not plan to create a PDF version of the book to sell via PayLoadz, and I will probably remove my previous editions from the PayLoadz store in the near future.
  3. My iBook is listed in the category of education, which is a category in the iBookstore, but it is a category that does not appear on its own in the iBookstore.  So other than word of mouth or by using search by title, I don’t know how people will find the book.
  4. If you find an error in the book, please take a moment to send me a correction.  Apple won’t allow me to update content with the same ISBN, but I can correct spelling errors or similar issues.  In re-reading chapters, I’ve already found some errors, which I’ll wait to update when I have a good number to fix at one time.  I may be able to add a new app link here and there, but I am not sure at what point Apple will allow this to continue without considering it additional content.
  5. Supposedly, iBooks update the same way as apps update in the AppStore (free to purchasers).
  6. And finally, if you find my iBook worthwhile, please recommend it to others.
  7. Thanks again for your support!  I hope you enjoy Practical Technology for Music Education!
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