Your Help is Requested

I’d like to ask for your help. There is a great app called Percussive, which offers multiple mallet-instruments (bells, xylophone, marimba, etc.) that could easily be used in many Orff classes. However, to be used in Orff classrooms, the app needs to allow for the removal of bars from those instruments. Simply stated, this is a feature that Orff teachers need from an Orff instrument app. Percussive, in my experience, is the best of these Orff apps.

Percussive Webpage

Would you be willing to take the time to send the developers of Touch Media a short note requesting this feature? I’ve done so–and I’m a high school teacher. It would also help if you let them know if you have purchased the app, or if you plan to purchase it. Elementary music teachers need this feature…so please, send them a note:

And if you could ask your fellow music educators to do the same, perhaps we can convince Touch Media to add this feature to their app.


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