Where’s that updated iBook?

I’ve had an iBook in the new multimedia format submitted to Apple for well over a month. On the 13th of February, 8 working days into my first submission, Apple gave my book a ticket, stating that images and video did not appear in portrait mode.

Mind you, I was using an Apple template for the iBooks, which purposely puts these items in landscape view and NOT portrait view.

I then re-edited the book, making sure all pictures appeared in Portrait mode, specifically as an interactive image which could be pressed to be viewed in greater detail.

I submitted the revised book late on the 14th, and received a confirmation from Apple on the 15th. They ask for ten working days, and you can track a ticket by the number of days it is active.

Currently I’m on the 20th day since the ticket was issued, well past the 10 business days. I’ve written two letters to Apple asking for help, and one was responded to with an automated response, and the other has not been responded to.

In a word, this is frustrating; but if you are going to make an interactive iBook for sale, Apple is your only option.

If Apple continues to tarry, I’m going to be able to write additional chapters (e.g. iPad 3, expanding the chapter on technology integration). We’ll see. I’ll post updates as conditions warrant.


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