Winds of Change

Our district has been undergoing a whirlwind of change with technology, as I imagine many districts are with the advent of the iPad. I’ve had the privilege of knowing most of our district’s IT staff for the past years, and I would count many of them as friends. We’ve had some changes with staffing, as our former IT director retired, some people moved on to other positions outside of our district, and some have resigned. For the most part, our IT department looked for ways to support teachers and limit the access of students on our computers. We were a Windows district. All that changed with our new assistant superintendent, who was a former tech director in an Apple-based district.

I ran into one our our IT people tonight, who was plotting the wi-fi access points in our building. Again, we opened in 2009 and have one of the more robust infrastructures in the district. We chatted and I learned some things that teachers haven’t been told:

  1. One building in our district has gone all Mac, and future computer purchases will be Macs.
  2. There is a belief that the Macs will be more robust than our Windows machines.
  3. Many of the former Windows-only rhetoric is gone; by choice or necessity, depending on the person.
  4. The wireless plot is looking forward to a non-imminent 1-to-1 iPad integration at our school.
  5. The district will not purchase any more labs (e.g. for media centers). They will only purchase iPad mobile labs (until we are 1-to-1)

This is a HUGE shift for our district. It’s going to be interesting to be here through these changes.



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