Thoughts from other bloggers about Reflection

TUAW broke the news yesterday that two similar apps came out for AirPlay; an app called AirParrot ($9.99 single license, $29.99 for a 5 pack license), which sends video from your Mac to your Apple TV, and an app called Reflection ($14.99 single license, $39.99 for a 5 pack license), which sends iPad 2 and iPhone 4S mirroring to your Mac.

Matthew S. Libera wrote a post about Reflection and how it has the potential to work better in his collegiate situation than an AppleTV.  He also chronicles other experiences with technology integration on his blog; I’m adding his blog to my RSS feed and to the blog roll on this webpage.  I haven’t mentioned Matt’s work before, but he has recommended a few apps and strategies to me over the past months–which is very much appreciated.  The major players in technology in music education tend to be a very collegial group interested in sharing and collaborating.  I need to join TI:ME so that I’m with my like-minded peers.

Paul Shimmons, author of the iPad and Technology in Music Education Blog, also wrote a post about Reflection.  Paul has been a great resource and long-distance friend throughout this iPad journey.

As for Reflection and my own situation, I really don’t have much to say.  Although my family personally owns Apple products, my school district (like SO many others) is strictly Windows PC.  Reflection doesn’t run on Windows, and my school district isn’t going to buy a Mac so I can display my iPad on a screen.  They might, however, buy Apple TVs.

Additionally…beware of the 7th of March!  I’m hoping the predicted Apple TV generation 3 will use a Thunderbolt port so you can use an HDMI dongle or a VGA dongle, depending on what you need in your own situation.


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