When are 2GB better than 50GB?

When are 2GB better than 50GB?

When it comes to Dropbox versus Box.com.  I received 50GB of storage this summer when I bought my TouchPad, but this is an offer that can be obtained a few different ways (right now, users of Box.com can invite a business friend to a 50GB free account).  In comparison, I’ve slowly worked my way to nearly 5GB with Dropbox (you can earn extra storage with referrals).

It would seem, on the surface, that Box.com is the better deal, as more always equals better.  Not so.

Box.com is web-based, and although you can upload multiple files in a session, you can only download one file at a time (unless you upgrade to a different plan).  In a situation where you want to download a lot of files at one, this is a hassle.  And there is a file size limit on Box.com (25MB per file at the free setting).

Dropbox simply integrates with your life…it becomes another folder on my MacBook, allowing me to drag and drop with ease.  There is no file size limit (at least that I have experienced).  And if you are an iOS user, you are more likely to find an app that syncs with Dropbox than iCloud.  If you need 50GB it will cost you $10 a month.  It is a service of a single feature, and eventually iCloud may replace the utility of Dropbox with more features (particularly if you find yourself as primarily as an Apple user).  Remember…Dropbox was so good that Apple tried to buy it.

So, if you need easy access to your files, without restrictions of file size or number of downloads at one time…Dropbox is the way to go.  If you just need “plain” storage, Box.com is worth adopting.

Luckily, you can have both!  For free!


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