Perpich Center of the Arts Technology Workshop Notes

Today I had the pleasure to present three sessions on the use of technology in music education at the Perpich Center of the Arts, which hosted a technology workshop.  A huge thank you to Nyssa Brown (Music Education Coordinator) who organized the event, and a hearty thank you to the participants and fellow presenters at the workshop.

I’ve added my presentation notes to the “Past Presentations” links, but I’ll also add them below.

I only had the opportunity to attend one session, and I had the pleasure to watch Dr. Michael Buck of Augsburg College talk about assessment, and in particular he brought the work of Dr. Wendy Barden to his presentation, who has a series of short but powerful books about assessment in music education through Kjos Publishing.  She recently released a book on choral assessment, which I will be buying as soon as possible (it isn’t even available on Amazon at this point).

Nyssa Brown also provided a short presentation on technology integration; I will reference that work in a later post (and probably include it in a revision on my eBook, which is still in limbo in the iBookstore).

Here are the resources from the conference for the sessions I hosted.  As a side note, if you ever find a good app, please e-mail me and let me know.  I didn’t get into many of the individual instrument apps that are available for elementary education, as if you need a specific instrument, you can search the iTunes Store effectively for single instrument apps (i.e. Conga).

Elementary App List

Secondary App List

SmartMusic in the Choral Rehearsal

iPads in the Elementary Classroom

iPads in Secondary Music


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