A Keynote for iPad tip…

Today I figured out how to select multiple items on Keynote for iPad.  Specifically, you cannot grab an “area” as you would on a Personal Computer.  How did Apple solve this issue?  If you select and item, and keep your finger pressed on that item, you can then select as many additional items as you want…as long as your finger stays on that original item.  You can “retouch” another selected item and continue the process (page scrolling, for example), but holding on to the original item always worked best for me.

If you select like objects, you can change things like fonts or font sizes at the same time.  I found this to be terribly useful as I prepare three presentations for this Saturday’s tech training at the Perpich Center of the Arts.

You can select everything on a Keynote page by tapping and holding on the slide in a place where no objects are located.

I’m finding Keynote to be incredibly powerful and easy to use…far easier than PowerPoint or SMART Notebook.


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