Office for the iPad

There is a lot of discussion on the tech blogs following a news article by the Daily, showing a version of Microsoft Office for the iPad. Since the article was released, there has been a number of contrary reports, including denials by Microsoft.

My guess?

Office for the iPad will be introduced at the iPad 3 press conference on March 7th.

Think about it: the iPad is “not a content creating device,” primarily because it doesn’t have Office, and Office determines whether a device is useful or not. (Note: I don’t believe this, but many do). With Office for the iPad, suddenly the iPad becomes an option for the millions that don’t already have an iPad (Never mind the existence of Pages, Keynote, and Numbers from the first day of the iPad). Office for the iPad will legitimize the iPad like nothing else; Pro-PC (a.k.a. Anti-Apple) IT specialists will be forced to adopt this suddenly relevant device.


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