Tonight the inevitable occurred.  An iPod Touch in our house hit the cement in our garage, and the screen is operable, but you can feel the broken glass.

For those of you that follow this blog, you will know that we have two iPod Touches in the family–one for our three year old, and one for our twelve year old.  You might be surprised to find out that our twelve year old’s iPod Touch is the one that is now broken.  He was using the device in our SUV, went to get out of the car when we got home, and it hit the concrete.

His initial reaction, after a full-out anger tantrum, was to ask if we could go to the Apple Store where they would replace it for free.  I had the privilege of telling him that Apple wouldn’t cover an iPod Touch out of warranty for free, and that the repair would be $199 (I looked it up to verify the cost).  So what do you do?  Buy a new one?  A new iPod Touch (32GB) is $299.

The end result is that you find an iPod repair service.  You can search the web for people near you, or you can even check Craigslist for people that offer the service.

Several years ago, I had read about Blake Paulson, a college graduate in Alexandria, Minnesota, who started a company called  Blake put several “how to” repair videos on YouTube, and the Star Tribune (one of the newspapers in the Twin Cities) ran an article about him in 2007. is no longer a valid web address, as Blake fixes more than iPods.  His website is now

Last December, my brother-in-law had an older iPod Touch that stopped working due to a failed battery (long out of warranty), so he bought a replacement battery off eBay and we attempted to replace it (mainly, I tried to replace it).  In the process, I didn’t install the battery correctly, and I broke the digitizer (in the earlier iPod Touch models, the glass and digitizer were separate items).  I remembered having read about Blake’s website, and found it on the web.  After an exchange of e-mails, I ordered replacement parts and service, sent the iPod to him, and he was able to quickly and cost-effectively replace the bad battery AND repair the damage I caused.

So when I need a repair on an iPod Touch or iPhone, the first place I look is fastfixology.  I know there are other services, but three things are true:

  1. I’ve worked with fastfixology before, and the work has been affordable, fast, and reliable.
  2. I’m dealing with a fellow Minnesotan (even though we now live just over the Minnesota border).
  3. When I price compare, his prices are the best.
So, I’ve already ordered a replacement screen/digitizer with repair services plus return insurance, packaged up the iPod, and we will send it away tomorrow.  It will be back in our hands this week.
For the record, Blake hasn’t offered any discount for the mention in this blog–nor was one asked for.  I just know that fastfixology is a reputable iPod/iPhone repair service and if you are in the need of a repair for an iPod, iPod Touch, or iPhone, stop by fastfixology just to compare prices.  I don’t think he is repairing iPads at this point–but that could always change.

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