A Touchstone Charger for the TouchPad

I haven’t been using my HP TouchPad very much, as I am waiting (patiently) for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) to be released for the device (the developers at CyanogenMod are working hard to port the new OS to the device).  As a result, the TouchPad sits idle, and eventually loses battery power.  The TouchPad I purchased for my stepson has also been left alone much of the time, as some key apps are missing for Web OS (such as Netflix).  I don’t want to install Android on his device until there’s a stable port. 
Say what you will about Apple iOS devices and the 30 pin cable; I find the specialized USB cable of the TouchPad, really a microUSB cable, to be much harder to deal with (I think this plug is the required European adapter).  Sometimes the sheer hassle of plugging in the TouchPad (yes, I know this is a “lazy” comment) keeps my stepson and I from charging our devices.
I decided, on a whim, to search out a Touchstone Charger for the TouchPad, which I found on Amazon for roughly 40% of the original asking price.  I ordered the charger today, and it couldn’t be easier to use.  Drop the TouchPad on the charger, and let it charge, whether on Android 2.3 or WebOS.  Now I can keep both of our family’s TouchPads ready to go without any hassle of charging cables.  I really like this.
Let me just say that inductive charging is the single aspect of the TouchPad (in my opinion, of course) that exceeds the hardware of the iPad.  I can honestly say, particularly with the “PC Free” aspect of iOS 5.0.1, that the iPad 2 would be a better device with an inductive charger.  Before iOS 5.0.1, there was no point in an inductive charger because a cable was still needed for syncing…this is no longer true.
If you have a TouchPad, go buy the Touchstone Charger.  Apple, if you’re listening, consider using this technology in the iPad 3.  This is something that HP “got right.” 


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