The Best Camera…The Best Computer…Is the One You Have With You

One of the things that has been driving the improvement of the cameras in cell phones is this statement:
“The best camera is the one you have with you.”
That is exceptionally true for me.  My only camera, at this point, is my iPhone 4.  The improvements to the camera in the iPhone 4S are almost enough (along with Siri) to make me upgrade…but I’m holding out for the iPhone 5, whether it comes in the summer or the fall.  The iPhone 4 will be good enough until that point.  My wife, however, has the large Canon Rebel T1i…and we just saw the T3i at Best Buy last week. 
Progress marches on, right?
At any rate, as I prepare to go to bed and to go back to school tomorrow (no more vacation!), I’ve been getting a lot of documentation ready.  We have some major changes this week with the unveiling of SmartMusic in choir (MakeMusic finally made SmartMusic compatible with Finale generated vocal files), we now start the Solo & Ensemble season, as well as All-State season.  Each of these require a separate document, all created on my iPad.
Additionally, in the past, I’ve had our master robe list of 250 robes on my MacBook, rather than my iPad.  I reach a point where I try not to bring my MacBook to school (we’re a PC district, and most of the technology I use is basically my own), and it can be problematic to not have that list with me.  
So I’ve reformatted that list, which now resides in Numbers for the iPad.  I now have all of my key documents and materials accessible on my iPad, either residing on my iPad or in a Dropbox account.  My boosters were able to purchase an HP printer with AirPlay for less than $80, so on the rare occasions that I need to print a document from the iPad, I can now do so without messing with the creation of a PDF and e-mailing it to my school account.  In all possible ways, this is better.
This led me to realize that like cameras, the best computer is the one you have with you.  How better to describe the iPad?  In its current form (limited only by software), I can’t do everything on the iPad that I can do on a laptop.  But I can do at least 90% of the work I need to do on the iPad.  Finale is the one application truly keeping me on a MacBook more than any other application.  There is no SmartMusic for iPad (but there is SmartMusic Inbox).  I can’t create custom tabs with leading markers for concert programs on Pages…yet.  I’d like to be able to annotate Keynote files.  But for most of my work, my iPad is capable, and sometimes more capable than my MacBook (there are things my MacBook cannot do, due to its shape and form).  And to be honest, Keynote on the iPad works better…even for creation of files…than any other presentation software I’ve ever used. 
So, the best computer I have is the one I have with me.  For me, that best computer is my iPad.  It is always with me, it is easy to carry, and I never carried my MacBook around in the same way (for starters, it is too heavy).
Perhaps I’m tired, but at the moment that strikes me as a very significant paradigm shift. 


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