New iPad Case: ZaggFolio for iPad 2

I’m typing this post on my new Zaggfolio, made by Zagg.  This case was highly recommended by Harry McCracken (Yes, that’s his real name–at least his pen name) of, where he discussed how the iPad and this case has changed how he uses his iPad, and now he seldom uses his MacBook.  I first saw this case as it was posted by one of my former professors, Dr. Caneday.  I recommended the case to my band colleague, and he’s been very happy with it.

My old solution for a keyboard, when I needed one, was two iPad Keyboard Docks, one that I kept at home and one that I kept at school.  When I knew that I was going to buy this case, I knew that I would have to sell the old keyboards–and I was very happy to have a follower (Thank you, Shana) who was willing to purchase those docks–to also help afford this case.  I also used a coupon at Zagg which sent a set of Zagg buds for $49.99 for free with the purchase.  Sadly, one of my good friends bought this same case on the same day that I did, but did not contact me, and ended up paying the same amount ($99.00) without receiving the Zaggbuds.

I can’t find the webpage where I found that deal…so I’m sorry that I can’ share that deal with anyone else.

I can’t add anything to the discussion of the Zaggfolio that Harry McCracken didn’t already say in his review (linked above), but the selling point of this case is its compact nature, useability (keys feel “Apple-like”), and ease of removing the iPad–or the keyboard.  I know I’ll have to take the iPad out of the case on a regular basis to use with my choirs.

I’ll post again on the case in a few weeks after living with it some more.


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