Finale and SmartMusic Updated!

MakeMusic announced updates to Finale and SmartMusic which will allow Finale files to be read by SmartMusic, particularly for vocal assessments.

Guess which feature of SmartMusic I’ve been hoping to use this year with my students?  Self-generated vocal assessments based on the sight reading method we use (Bruce Phelps Sight Reading Method, Volumes 1 &2).  I was even able to ask our school district for a stand-alone copy of Finale 2012, not knowing it was not yet able to create vocal assessments.

I’m just glad the updates are finally out…it’s been nearly three months since Finale was released, and I’ve been writing rather frustrated comments on SmartMusic’s Forum on the matter.  I was penning a letter to the CEO of MakeMusic this morning, which I discarded as our last day before our holiday break became suddenly busy, and that was a good thing, as the updates I so desperately wanted were released today.

Personally, I’m waiting to upgrade to Finale 2012 (home computer) until MakeMusic offers a sale price, as they have in the past.  However, once I download Finale 2012 (it is authorized for 30 days), I’ll probably just go ahead and buy it anyway.

My next thing to bug MakeMusic about?  A full-blown version of SmartMusic for the iPad.


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