The iPad can save your life!

I admit it…the title of this blog is meant to cause a double-take. But this afternoon, I found a way that the iPad could save you from a fatal flesh wound.

We held our annual holiday concert on Monday, and most of Tuesday was spent striking our extensive shell and holiday set-up from the stage. Today was the day that choirs turned in their music and received some new music.

As I put music away, I also put some “loose” music away from our fall concert. While reaching into a stack of music, I sustained a life-threatening decent paper cut on the ring finger on my left hand. As with most paper cuts, it’s painful, in a bad place, and it bled a bit (as a teacher, there are band-aids in the office).

If we were an all iPad school, there would be almost no further risk of a paper cut.

Granted, the avoidance of paper cuts is not a reason to move to iPads, but it is an added benefit.


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