forScore 3.2

Last night, I mentioned the availability of the most recent version of forScore, which is now at version 3.2.

I immediately noticed the keyboard option, which was also mentioned on their blog (also the source of the above image).

Today, I read this tweet from Loren Finkelstein:

I had to go and immediately try this out…sure enough.  The app remembers the pitch you previously used with that song.

Here’s the usefulness of this: let’s say you have a caroling group (I do) and that you have or make your own collection of caroling songs (I have).  If you create a bookmark for each song, you can set the concert pitch for each song, and when you reach that book mark and open the pitch pipe, you will have the correct pitch ready to go.  And the added benefit is that if you export the file as a 4sc file, it will save those settings with the file.  Therefore, if your students have iPads with forScore, they could give themselves their own pitch (something my students already do with an iPod pitchpipe).  A-ma-zing.

**A short forScore tip: if you make a bookmark, you can export it as a separate and unique file.  So if you need to work with one song out of a collection or longer work, you can create a separate and unique piece from that larger work via bookmark rather than by using the app’s own rearrange function.  Thanks to staff at forScore for helping me discover that jewel.

The piano is a welcome feature–something I wouldn’t have thought of.  It’s not perfect…it can be slow to respond and is too “unsustained,” but I’m not complaining.  This is genius–for education or musicians anywhere.  Keyboard?  Do you really need a keyboard to practice your music?  Now I need a third programmable option (three-finger touch?) so I can program a shortcut to the piano.  The other two programmable shortcuts are already taken (two finger tap is annotation, tap & hold is the pitchpipe).

$4.99, folks.  It’s a must buy for the musician with an iPad.

Are there issues with forScore?  Yes, but the major ones have been addressed with each new version and incremental update.  My two current annoyances remain the tiny “master” buttons in the set list/score menu, and the program’s default category of composer rather than title.  I’d love the ability to set that preference.

Those are REALLY minor issues.  The developers listen to feedback, work to correct bugs, and have their own road map.  Each new version brings a feature that surprises me and takes the app yet one step further.

An update for unrealBook is coming soon, and at that time, I’ll be able to write about unrealBook.  At the moment, however, I’m discussing forScore, and as always, it’s a winner.


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