iPod Nano, 6th Generation — the perfect iPod?

This evening, my HEX watchband arrived from HEX.  I had previously ordered it from Amazon, but Amazon was unable to fill the order and cancelled it on me.  I knew of an Apple Store that had it in stock, but I was unwilling to drive across the Twin Cities to get it.  By chance, on Black Friday, I checked the HEX website, and they were offering free shipping on all orders…meaning that I could order the item without shipping and without tax. And let’s be honest…$70 for a watch band is already expensive.  I was okay with the previous watch band (plastic), but I prefer metal watch bands.
I’ve been quite pleased with my Nano-as-a-watch.  People continue to comment on it–nearly everyone has positive things to say about it.  It functions well–as long as you give yourself a couple of seconds before needing to “see” your watch.  Most people simply don’t believe that it is an iPod.
I’ve also been surprised how good of an iPod the iPod Nano is.  As far as pure iPods go, it may be the perfect device (for now)  Although it only offers 8GB of 16GB of storage, it works perfectly…handling music, fitness, podcasts (which are separated on the device), pictures, time, and FM Radio.  It’s small enough that it can be clipped to a piece of clothing, and just the right size that it can be turned into a watch.
The “perfectness” of the 6th Generation iPod Nano became clear to me last night as I worked out…I was able to listen to one of the club TVs because of the FM Radio, the device was securely attached to my arm, and I had a number of podcasts on the device to listen to in the event that nothing good was on TV.  I’ve never been able to listen to FM radio natively on any other iPod I’ve owned (a 5G Video iPod (later termed “Classic”), iPod Touch, or iPhone).
What would make the iPod Nano better?  Perhaps the ability to see a very small video (granted, you would lose a lot, but pictures are available on the device and they’re pretty small, too.  I’d rather have a small picture and the ability to distract myself in rare situations–on my wrist).  I’d also like to see a Bluetooth transmitter inside the device (you can buy a Bluetooth attachment, but it adds size and weight, and draws down battery power).  There’s a new Bluetooth standard available which features ultra-low power, so maybe the next iPod Nano will have that.  More storage would always be nice, and I’d like the ability to create my own watch face.  An external speaker would be interesting (there’s an Apple patent which makes a speaker out of the Nano’s clip).  Wireless could be fun, especially with a low-res front camera–think FaceTime on your watch! 
That said, But I have no need for a video camera on the back–it would be destroyed by sweat in the gym.  And perhaps it goes without saying (a very ironic statement) that the screen of the iPod Nano makes it a hundred times more useful than the iPod Shuffle, even though it weighs .30 more ounces (yes, .30, as in 0.30) and costs $80 more.  The extra size and weight is worth the functionality (What a funny thing to say!).
No, the Nano’s not perfect–but if you need an iPod…for the sake of an iPod, it’s a better solution than my previous iPods ever were.  No, it’s not an iPod Touch or an iPhone–but that is what defines it.  It’s a fantastic iPod…and the perfect iPod…until the 7th generation is released.


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