Seven Inch Dell Streak Discontinued

One of the reasons why I was able to transition so easily to Apple products was Dell’s practice of abruptly abandoning entire product lines. At one point, I was a major fan of Gateway products, and then that company bought other companies (eMachines) and then was bought out by Acer. I transitioned to Dell, and in general was happy with their products, although international support was always a hassle. I eventually owned Dell Pocket PCs and mp3 players (the Dell DJ), both which were abruptly discontinued by Dell. When Dell bailed on those products, so did I…moving to an iPod, iPhone, MacBook, and so on.

Today, several blogs are posting that Dell has discontinued their 7-inch tablet called the streak, just four months after discontinuing the 5-inch version of their tablet (Sources: Daring Fireball and The Loop).

Yes, those devices will continue to work (Just as some Dell Pocket PCs and mp3 players work today), but without the continuing support from Dell. I feel bad for people that buy into Dell products thinking they are a lasting category.

As a side note, our school district used to be a Dell district. We’ve exclusively bought HP products for the past 3 years. That says something, too.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with Dell products…but customer support can be difficult, and they do have the tendency to abandon complete product lines.


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