Alupen by Just Mobile

For some time, I’ve been reading reviews of the Alupen stylus by Just Mobile. I found a black version of the stylus on sale for Black Friday, so I finally ordered it.

The appeal of the Alupen, for many users, is its thick construction, slightly thinner than a dry erase marker. The thought is that if you use your iPad as an interactive white board, or with non-magnifying handwriting apps (such as Penultimate), the Alupen is a better instrument than other styli, such as the Pogo or Griffin offerings.

I’ve had the pen in use this evening, and it is a solid purchase. It feels better than the Griffin stylus I bought at Wal-mart (although the tips seem to share the same type of rubber nib), and is far better than the Pogo styli I own (there are at least three of those in my possession). Still, for most uses, I still prefer my Adonit Jot Pro. The Jot Pro has worn out two discs, but the third disc (sent free) is still going strong. The Alupen would already be my second choice.

My only gripe about the Alupen is its packaging. It comes in a box that is nearly the same size as the box of the second-generation Apple TV. You can’t see the actual stylus inside the box, and the amount of packaging is overkill. The stylus comes with a nice carrying case–but I wonder how long it will be before I lose it.

The Alupen has been quickly adopted by my three-year-old. He approves of it, as it is the same size of a giant crayon. He was quite busy on Notepad this evening, changing colors and pages at will.

Believe it or not, my three-year-old drew this face today.


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