iPad App Updates from Sibelius (Avid) & MakeMusic

The two iPad apps from the “biggest” notation software companies were updated today.
This morning, I saw that Sibelius had updated its iPad Avid Scorch App.  It is on sale for $1.99, and now features the ability to import a PDF, so I thought it would be a good time to buy the app and try it out. 
Ultimately, it is an app with a lot of great features–particularly if you own Sibelius.  I like the app’s ability to play a Sibelius file, to change keys, adjust the tempo, and to adjust playback levels of various instruments.  All of this is very beneficial and pedagogically sound.  However, the missing feature–and I’ve been vocal about this in the past–is the lack of annotation for the app.  How do you remind yourself not to make the same mistake without annotation?  Document organization also leaves something to be desired (it taps into the iBooks bookshelf motif).
If MakeMusic continues to tarry with a similar app for Finale files, I may end up buying Sibelius by the end of the year.
The other app that was updated today is MakeMusic’s SmartMusic Inbox, which allows directors to grade SmartMusic assignments away from their “main” computer.  I can’t comment on the app, as I’m still waiting for an upgrade to SmartMusic 2012 that will allow the program to open files created by Finale 2012.  We’re approaching two months since Finale was released and SmartMusic was found to not be able to open those files.  This is particularly important for vocal assessment, which is why what I want to use SmartMusic.  We use Bruce Phelps’ Sight Reading Method (as do many schools in Minnesota) and Bruce’s method follows a clear sequence which is not reflected in the sight-reading methods currently offered as part of MakeMusic.
Perhaps the SmartMusic Inbox update is a sign that a SmartMusic update is imminent.  I also keep hoping for SmartMusic for the iPad.  I’m hoping that if I repeat myself enough, it will actually happen.


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