iPad and Organization in Music

The other day, Paul Shimmons, the author of the iPad and Technology in Music Education blog, wrote a short post about how the iPad has changed his life in terms of organization of band music.  You can read that specific post here.

His experience as a band director using the iPad mirrors my own experience as a choral music educator, previously written about in this post.

The instrumentalists I know have been warming up to the use of the iPad in performance, particularly in landscape view (with forScore).  Our band director used the iPad with an external cable attached to a widescreen monitor for the musical, and turned page with a (my) PageFlip Cicada.  The musical we performed had an addendum of additional songs, and when both songs were merged to one PDF, links (or hotspots) could be created to jump seamlessly to the addendum, and then back to the flow of the “normal” score.  And, as always, annotation is crucial.

Another one of my favorite music-tech bloggers, ViolaJack (a.k.a. Michelle Mastin, who also writes (quite a bit) for TabletPCBuzz.com), has been using the iPad for gigs.  You can read about that experience (and the rationale) here.

And if you aren’t convinced that an iPad can help you keep organized with music (both on and off the stage), see this video created for AirTurn with the violinist Giora Schmidt (5:23).