WordPress on the iPad

I use WordPress for this blog because it offers a number of great features and the basic service is free. 
Early in the life of the iPad, WordPress was a mess–both trying to use the “editing” portion of the site on the iPad (versus a “traditional” computer) and the iOS app. 
This past weekend, I had the pleasure to be in Ames, Iowa, for the 2011 IMEA Professional Development Conference. I attended a few sessions, and wanted to add links to my blog/Wordpress site. In the old days, this would have required the use of a “traditional” computer, as the iOS WordPress app wouldn’t allow the editing of links, and the web interface didn’t work, either. 
On a related note, I’m not a huge fan of the “magazine” style of browsing WordPress sites on an iPad, but I think some people might like viewing the site in that manner, and thus I leave that feature turned on. I may turn that off some day. 
At any rate, as I wanted to add some links while I was in Iowa, I decided to log on to WordPress on my iPad and was blown away–the entire editing site works from the iPad. Flawlessly. 
If you want to start a WordPress page, and all you have is an iPad with no other apps, you can do that. 
There are still benefits to using some of the second-hand blogging apps, such as Blogsy, which I am using to type this post. In general, Blogsy just makes some aspects of blogging (on a number of services, not just WordPress) easier…and Blogsy just released a new version with a number of new features. Pictures are also much easier to use on Blogsy than on the “standard” WordPress site, especially since the web app cannot tap into your photos directory on your iPad. Another bonus for Blogsy is that the developers of the app have also created a number of “how to” videos–which are fantastic for people just learning how to use the app for the first time. 
As a final note, the techinmusiced blog remains free–any ads (save the ad for my book) are added by WordPress to help fund their “free blog” efforts. None of the revenue from those ads goes back to this blog. Originally, ads were more present when viewing WordPress on an iOS device–but I’ve consistently seen more ads even on a “traditional” computer browser.


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