HUGE Music Tech News: MakeMusic buys Recordare & MusicXML

Finale’s Blog reported that MakeMusic, the creators of SmartMusic and Finale, have purchased Recordare, the company which developed the MusicXML standard. Finale has offered MusicXML import and export for years, and Sibelius just issued version 7 which FINALLY (not “Finale” <>) offered MusicXML import for the first time in the summer of 2011. Previously, anyone wishing to export a MusicXML file from Sibelius had to buy a $199 Dolet from Recordare.

Michael Good, the founder of Recordare and creator of the MusicXML format, is joining the Finale team as director of Digital Sheet Music.

In addition, MakeMusic’s first step with MusicXML will be to make the Dolet free for all previous Sibelius users.

This is HUGE news. Many programs have adopted or are adopting the MusicXML standard, including my favorite iPad composition program Symphony Pro. Will they continue to use the format if it is controlled by a competitor (even if it remains open source)? And what other tricks does MakeMusic have up its sleeve?

The new CEO of Finale, Karen van Lith, announced that MakeMusic was going to go in new directions in the future…this is a a sign that MakeMusic IS going in new directions.

If I had a lot of money, I’d be putting money on MakeMusic right now.

I still believe that we’ll have just one large program called Finalibus in the future.

So…if they could just get Finale 2012 file to play on SmartMusic 2012, I’d be wildly enthused.



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