The Other Hidden iOS 5 Gem: Wireless Syncing

The other day, I read several tweets from Fraser Speirs, who was setting up wi-fi syncing for the iPads that sync to classroom computers in his 1-to-1 iPad educational system.

I’ve since enabled wi-fi syncing on all the devices we own at home. This includes 2 iPads, 2 iPhones, and 1 iPod Touch (there is a second iPod Touch, but it is a 2nd Generation iPod Touch and cannot receive iOS 5).

Wi-fi syncing is easy to set up: you attach the device with the USB cable, go to the Summary menu of the device, scroll down, and enable wi-fi syncing. Sync the device, and then unplug.

What seems to happens is that the device will sync automatically every time it is on the same network as the “base computer.” You can also initiate a sync from the device itself or the base computer, and you can always plug the device in with a USB cable as well.

As with all Apple products, “it just works.” It makes my life easier, and I imagine that it would be the same in a school system. At the same time, I don’t know how iTunes would react to a situation where a hundred iOS devices were synced to the same computer. It would be worth trying!

As a side note, I disabled iCloud backups on our iOS 5 devices, as they were taking up too much memory in the “cloud” and I didn’t want to use all of that memory (and more) for backups.


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