Android on a TouchPad

Several weeks ago, I was able to purchase a couple of HP TouchPads (16GB) for $99 each.   Since the “fire sale,” there has been a determined effort to put Android on the TouchPad.  Today, one group, CyanogenMod, released an Alpha version of their Android version 2.3 “hack” for the TouchPad.

Installation was somewhat straightforward for an OS “hack,” and as I type, I am watching Netflix via Android 2.3 on the TouchPad.  If I need to, I can boot back to WebOS at any time.

The developers warn that the Alpha version is unstable, but so far, it’s working great.  There are extra tweaks required to put the Google Android App Store on the device–but that works, too (thus Netflix on the device).

It will be a while before the next version of Android (IceCream) is released, and some months after that, the CyanogenMod team may make the OS available for the TouchPad, too.

The TouchPad can run it…the hardware itself was good…it seems that WebOS was buggy.  Even the Android 2.3 Alpha seems to run better than the WebOS standard version.

And I’m thrilled because I can now test software on three platforms, and to me, the 4:3 format of the TouchPad is superior to the 16:10 format of the other Android tablets.

In the coming weeks I’ll be looking at various music apps (particularly free ones) that run on Android 2.3.  As I’ve mentioned before, tablet-optimized apps for Android are less common than phone apps, so finding good apps for tablets may be a challenge.

It’s a good way to end a day–and if the Alpha version is this good, I’m going to look forward to the final release!


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