The idiocy of the tech blogging world

If you follow the tech blogs, you will see a huge trend: tech bloggers acting like scorned lovers over the iPhone 4S. Once again, nearly all the major blogs are featuring articles chastising Apple, as if Tim Cook had promised them–individually, in person, a different device. I’m pretty sure that didn’t happen.

Many tech bloggers are furious that the iPhone isn’t larger, like the Galaxy II. Others are mad about the design of the phone, even though the phone’s major issue–the antenna–has been addressed. I’m not a big fan of the glass back of the phone either, but I use a case anyway. I’ve had the joy of reading a half dozen “Why I’ll never buy an iPhone 4S/Apple Phone again” articles. These same authors will be standing in line on October 14.

And other bloggers are furious at AT&T because it is not offering upgrade prices early to iPhone 4 owners. Yes, AT&T has done this in the past–but the consumer has choices now. As one blogger noted, you can cancel your account and join another network for less than the non-qualifying upgrade cost of an iPhone 4S. However, people bought an iPhone 4 with a two year contract. And AT&T is offering the iPhone 4 at discounted rates in November for early purchasers, rather than October 14. My guess is that AT&T will allow these upgrades after the angst is fully expressed in the tech blogs. Even then, the tech bloggers will be mad that AT&T had to change their plan.

Still, the bloggers aren’t happy, and boy, are you going to hear about it.


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