iPhone 4S Initial Reactions

I’ve had the chance to read about the iPhone 4S and thought I would offer some initial reactions.

I know some people (tech bloggers, etc.) were disappointed that the iPhone remains basically the same externally. I don’t see that as a problem. I rather like the idea that existing iPhone 4 cases should work for the iPhone 4S.

Will I buy one? Probably. I need to see what AT&T’s upgrade policy is. But as I’ve mentioned before, my iPhone is also my camera and video recorder. I record our family’s life in short, edited clips from my iPhone, and doing so outweighs the practice of recording hours of video tape that will be stored on a shelf and never be seen again. The iPhone 4S has a much improved camera with an even better video recorder. Having 64GB of storage will be a bonus for recording and editing video on the device. Increased processor speed is always a benefit.

I’m sure a lot of Sprint customers will be happy that the iPhone 4S is headed their way.

As much as the tech bloggers were pushing for an all-new iPhone 5, I think Apple will sell a ton of iPhone 4S models. Some people won’t see the need for an upgrade to the iPhone 4S from a 4, and that’s a valid decision. Base the need to upgrade on your actual use of the device, rather than having to have the latest and greatest (And if you don’t have an iPhone, you will be able to buy one off contract for a good price).


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