forScore 3.1.1 is out

A nice little improvement: you can set the app to open the pitch pipe with a “tap & hold” or double-tap.

In my previous comments about 3.1, I mentioned that I would like to link a pitch to the beginning of a piece. This slight change is probably a better option.

I was just pondering if forScore should offer a tuner; and I realized the answer is that it doesn’t need to (it could, but the need isn’t there). Bands and orchestras tune at the start of a rehearsal, or as needed, not before each piece. Therefore, switching to a separate tuning app is an easy solution. However, in the choral world, particularly with a cappella music, a given pitch is a necessity rather than an option, and switching apps is a pain at that point of the process. forScore made the absolute right choice in adding a pitch pipe for choral musicians.

As I’ve said before, the creators of forScore always listen to feedback, but they carefully judge how and when to add features, Most of the time, they get the answers right, and when they don’t (metronome before v 3.1), they keep working until they get it right.

As a side note, I am also very fond of another music reading app called UnrealBook, and I am a beta tester for that app. There have been some developments with UnrealBook, but I won’t write about them until a new public version is released (I hold myself to that level of confidentiality)


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