iPhone 5, iOS 5, and more…

The tech world is calm, ready for October 4th.  That’s the day Apple is going to officially introduce the iPhone 5, iOS 5, and other unknown items.  Rumors state that iOS 5 will be available October 10, and that the iPhone 5 will be available October 14th.  Apple’s previous product refresh cycle is completely broken at this point, having missed an iPhone introduction in June and an iPod introduction in September.

I’m very excited about iOS 5 and all that it has to offer–particularly wireless mirroring.  I’m hoping that Apple will announce a VGA-based AirPlay receiver for wireless mirroring.  There are a number of other iOS 5 features that will be exciting as well–but in terms of music education, wireless mirroring is “where it’s at.”

Will I get an iPhone 5?  Maybe.  It depends if AT&T will allow me to upgrade early, as I bought my iPhone 4 in June of 2010.  AT&T allowed iPhone users to upgrade early in the past, but now that Verizon, and possibly Sprint, will have the iPhone 5 as well, there may be less pressure to do so–especially if Verizon doesn’t allow early upgrades, either.  I know that I can usually sell my old iPhone for the same price as a new one under contract–but only if I am allowed to purchase the phone at the reduced price.  I also want to see the form factor…a larger screen and better (should I say “even better”) camera would also be important, as my iPhone has become my ONLY camera and video camera.  A slightly larger screen would be nice, too.  Undeniably, the iPad has changed how I use my iPhone, as I’d prefer to do my reading on the iPad.  But my iPad is the wi-fi variety, so if I need data on the go, my iPhone is still my back-up device.  It’s still hard to believe that my iPhone 4 is nearly fourteen months old.

Finally, a number of manufacturers are joining the 7 inch tablet craze.  Amazon will introduce their 7 inch tablet tomorrow (The Kindle Fire), Toshiba has a 7 inch unit coming out later this year, and others are coming out all the time.  After owning both an iPhone and an iPad, I’m not sure I would want something sized in the middle of the two.  There are times that I could use a larger iPad, and there are times a SLIGHTLY larger iPhone would be nice.  But I’ve never needed anything in the middle.   Particularly for my main use of my iPad…music reading…anything smaller would be pointless.

I firmly believe that Apple did a lot of research and discovered that the 9.7 inch iPad was a preferred size of all tablets.  They purposely didn’t make a 5 inch, 7 inch, 8 inch, or even widescreen device based upon feedback (whether the feedback of Steve Jobs or focus groups).  I see all these sub-10 inch tablets as attempting to create a market where there is none.

As for Amazon, a 7 inch screen will be an upgrade for people used to a 6 inch e-ink screen, and a direct competitor to the Nook Color, which is also slated for an update soon.

It’s going to be a fun week in tech.



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