Miscellaneous news (forScore, Penultimate, Noteshelf)

Just a couple of news items this evening:

1) I had e-mailed forScore about the ability to upload files to Dropbox.  They (kindly) responded that it already does…if you go to the Dropbox folder and touch the cloud symbol, it uploads to Dropbox.  Nice.

2) Although Noteshelf is my favorite app for handwriting (with my new Adonit Jot), Penultimate “upped the ante” today by releasing a version that allows photo input.  This has been a feature of Noteshelf for some time.

3) I still recommend Noteshelf for two reasons: 1) The “zooming” feature, allowing you to create notes that are quite detailed and 2) a larger “base” of background papers that are included with the app.  There are other features I like about Noteshelf, but those are the two biggies.

4) I’ve been using Noteshelf for our musical auditions.  I created a template in Pages, printed it as a PDF, and used Preview to make the PDF into a JPG.  I e-mail the JPG to myself, save it to my camera roll, and use the JPG to make a custom paper in Noteshelf.  In addition to some performance rubrics, I can also use Noteshelf’s camera feature to add a picture to each audition sheet, something desperately needed when we’re trying to remember who is who.  I’ve attached the JPG of the audition sheet below (this sheet is for my purposes as the musical director, not for the acting capabilities of students).  This is another great use for the iPad and Noteshelf:


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