Flashnote Derby (iPad App)

I recently had the opportunity to try Flashnote Derby, a note-naming game for the iPad.  I would like to thank Mr. Bartolomeo, the developer, for the opportunity to try the app.

The app is straight-forward: you select the notes that you wish to be included in the game, in both the treble and bass clef, and then start the game.  The goal is to identify notes correctly and as fast as possible.  You can also adjust the pace of the program.  The overall theme of the game, of course, is a horse race.

It’s a relatively simple app with a clear focus, and a theme that should be appealing to students learning to identify note names.  At $0.99, it is priced right and has potential for the private teacher or the general music classroom teacher.  If you are looking for a flash-card type app for music notes, this is a great find.  See the Flashnote webpage if you would like to see more screen shots or read more about the app.


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