Amazon Tablet

At TechCruch, MG Siegler has confirmed the soon-to-arrive-near you Amazon Tablet.

I sincerely hope it’s a hit.  I’d like to see it force the Nook Color to up the ante.

But make no mistake–this isn’t an Android Tablet or iPad competitor.

The device will be a 7 inch full color, dual touch (only two multi-touch events at one time) tablet loosely based on an old build of Android.  It will cost $250, the same as the Nook.  The biggest point is the “seamless” experience of the device, unifying apps, books, movies, and music.   It’s nice to see a company doing something original these days (Actually, this is the model that any successful tablet is going to need to survive…and they’re all copying Apple in the process).

Amazon may release a ten-inch tablet, based on the reception of the 7-inch model.

I think the tablet will sell…there’s name recognition in Amazon and Kindle, Amazon does have the store (I buy things there, don’t you?), the price point is acceptable (it isn’t a $99 TouchPad, but what it?), and there are people that don’t want to buy anything that says Apple.

I’ve been disappointed (a bit) by the Nook Color, which had so much potential to be more than it is.  It’s a eBook reader with some apps and Internet accessibility.  It could be a TABLET (emphasis intended), but it’s a tablet.  Maybe the Amazon Kindle Tablet can expand the definition of “eBook tablet.”

I struggle with the idea of seven-inch tablets in education.  Certainly, for music, a seven-inch tablet is a non-starter.  That seven-inch screen is 52% of the size of the iPad at a 4:3 ratio, and 47% the size of the iPad at a 16:10 ratio.  That’s significant.  Other than portability, video recording (the Amazon tablet won’t have a camera) and reading in bed, it would be hard to imagine any app or experience that is better on a seven-inch screen than on an iPad.  And although the majority of gestures on an iPad are based on two or one touches, the “standard multitouch palette” continues to grow.  Just as I’m frustrated at my non-multi-touch SMART Board after working with MacBooks and iOS devices, I’m sure a dual-touch interface would also become frustrating.

Can I go out on a limb and predict that the Amazon Kindle Tablet will be a success, just not with schools or business?

Now, a ten-inch tablet–in 4:3 format, that could be another thing, and that may come.


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