Adonit Jot: A great stylus

Some time ago, I read about the Adonit Jot, a new stylus, at iPadCreative. It was a Kickstarter endeavor that not only surpassed its goal–it blew by it. At $40,000, they mentioned that they would create a free notebook app for Kickstarter supporters when the app reached $80,000.

By the time the Kickstarter campaign ended, they sold over $160,000 of these styluses or styli.

I’ve signed up for a few Kickstarter campaigns (including for another stylus, the Cosmonaut, made by the same creators as the Glif iPhone mount), and their campaign was incredibly well-run. The creators were very active with updates, they used many videos (sometimes to answer concerns and questions), they solicited lots of feedback from their supporters (e.g. to choose colors) and they shipped the device in record time. I bought a Jot Pro (rubber grip and magnetic to work with the iPad 2) for myself, and a Jot for my wife (She writes less, and I thought she would like the purple color–she does).

Those arrived this afternoon, shipped from Amazon.

I couldn’t possibly be happier. I haven’t examined all the styluses in the world, but I’ve had a few:

  • Several Pogo Sketch Styluses
  • A bunch of generic styluses from eBay (Don’t buy these)
  • Griffin stylus (similar to the Belkin and others) from Wal-mart

I would have liked to have tried a few others, such as the Alupen. I’m still waiting for shipment of a Kickstarter project that was for an iPad paintbrush.

There are a number of great stylus showdowns, such as this one at iMedicalApps:

To this point, I’ve liked the Griffin the most, but this Jot Pro dominates the competition. It really offers a pen experience…and the control is amazing. On an app like Noteshelf, where I can additionally zoom into a selection, the control is freakish.

This pen might not be great for art (I’ll have to ask a few students), but it is great for writing and writing music. It’s iPad changing–the stylus deserving of Apple (that Apple wouldn’t make for the iPad).

In my opinion, this is a must-have accessory for the iPad.

Need a stylus for writing? Go to and order one today.


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