More functionality for the HP TouchPad

This is the first post that I am writing from the TouchPad–although the WordPress web interface generally works better than on an iPad (thus the creation of  iOS apps like Blogsy), I’m having some difficulty typing on the WebOS keyboard because of the key layout.

News item #1:  Another six pack of apps are available for free from HP, two that were featured with the first set, and four additional apps.  HP is still paying the developers their 70% of the original price…so it is an outstanding gesture by the company for end users and developers alike.  The original set of codes sold out, so move quickly!

News item #2: QuickOffice for TouchPad (native suite) was updated today to allow the creation and editing of Office documents.  This instantly makes the TouchPad into a much better device.  Perhaps if this functionality had been present from the start, the device soul not have been abandoned by HP.





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