Steve Jobs steps down as CEO of Apple

Today Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO of Apple…yet still serves as chairman of the board of Apple, Inc. He has been on a leave from Apple since January, although he’s been involved in the company all that time (including approaching the city of Cupertino, asking for permission to build a new Apple headquarters, and of course, the iPad 2 introduction).

Apple is Steve Jobs, so the question–as Steve Jobs leaves the CEO position–is whether he has appointed the right people under him to keep his vision for Apple going strong. I think he has, and that Apple has been “weeding out” executives that didn’t make sense for a Jobs-less Apple (Every time an Apple executive leaves, there are headlines in the blogs).

Tim Cook will be a great CEO, Steve Jobs will continue in his position, and Apple will continue.

It will be interesting to see what Apple’s stock does in the next days.

Great thoughts on the issue from Ben Brooks here.


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