HP’s Abandoning the TouchPad and WebOS!

Developing news…HP announced today that it is abandoning the TouchPad and WebOS:


I’m hoping this is a practical joke. I also saw an article today mentioning that HP is going to sell off its entire personal computer line:


I’m in shock.  The world’s leader–in numbers of computers sold–is thinking about getting out of the PC business.  And they’ve abandoned the mobile computing business.  I just can’t wrap my mind around this news at the moment.  Our school is outfitted completely with HP products.

The TouchPad wasn’t selling well–its price dropped $100 in less than two months, and a number of reports, all going back to AllThingsD, mentioned that less than 10% of TouchPads had been sold at Best Buy stores (not counting returns).  Still, I think many people, including iPad owners, were hoping that WebOS would be a competitor for Apple, to lead innovation.

As you step back and observe Apple’s success story, and you see what is happening with other manufacturers, it is clear that no other company is able to manage control over computer hardware, computer software, and mobile technology.  Most companies need to choose one of the above.  Microsoft: software 1.  HP: software (that’s their new goal).

What’s going to happen to Google as it attempts to break into all three like Apple (Chrome netbooks, all kinds of software, and now Motorola)?  Can they make it?  And how long can Apple maintain its ability to do so?

1. Microsoft recently entered a partnership with Nokia, but they do not own Nokia.


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