Keynote for iPad Tip – Inserting Videos

As I do some ground work on several of the iPad presentations I’ll be making this year, I’ve decided to add video to my iPad Keynote presentations.  Currently, there’s a small glitch in the process–videos in your iPad’s “Videos” cannot be inserted into an iPad Keynote presentation.

Let’s say you have a video you want to keep on your iPad, even without inserting them into Keynote…for example, a YouTube video.  First, harvest that video using a service like KeepVid.  Choose one of the file formats, the higher quality, the better (for iOS devices, I choose mp4 at the largest setting).  When that file downloads, use Handbrake to convert the file to the iPhone/iPod Touch Format (this will create a smaller file which will work generally just as well as larger files for the iPhone 4 or iPad).  Take the resulting file and drag it into iTunes.  That file will show up in “Movies,” and you will need to navigate to your iPad to the “Movies” section to select that movie and upload it to your device.

If you want that video available to Keynote, you’ll also have to upload your movie to iPhoto (or a photo directory).  I made an album in iPhoto entitled iPad Videos, and then imported those videos into the album.  Then I returned to iTunes, to the iPad, to “Photos” and selected the iPad Videos album to be uploaded.

When I re-entered Keynote on the iPad, those videos were available to be placed into presentations.

Ultimately, you should be able to place your “Videos” in Keynote.  But for now, if you want a video available, you’ll have to have it upload as a photo as well.


Note: videos on the iPad need to be in the mp4, m4v, or mov format.  I make sure to convert all videos to m4v using Handbrake.



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