Great prices on non-iPad Tablets

Over the last few days, I’ve seen that HP is discounting their TouchPad to $399 for a limited time, and Woot even offered the device for $379.  I’ve been wondering how people are responding to this offer.  In general, my guess is that the majority of people to respond to these prices desire a tablet but are wary of Apple.  I certainly understand why people would be wary of Apple, as I was firmly anti-Apple prior to 2005.

As with many converts-to-Apple, my own path started with the iPod.  Now Apple represents nearly all the technology in our home, other than our HP printer (which allows the iPad to print wirelessly to it).

I’ve been wondering what I would say to anyone interested in a tablet yet not convinced which way to go–particularly with the low cost of the TouchPad.  Just a few minutes ago, I read a link from John Gruber’s Daring Fireball, linking to a blog post by Seth Clifford, who purchased a Galaxy Tab 10.1 for development purposes.  Mr. Clifford’s post summarizes nearly everything that I would want to say to that person interested in a tablet yet not convinced which way to go.

As I’ve mentioned, I’d happily own an Android tablet and an HP TouchPad…for the primary reason of testing software on those platforms.  I wouldn’t replace my iPad with either device, however.  That may change someday, but it hasn’t yet.


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