Need a stylus for a capacitive touch screen? Jot by Adonit.

I believe that I began to follows certain Kickstarter projects due to blog posts on the iPad Creative Blog.  One of those posts was about Adonit’s Jot.  The Jot is a unique stylus because it allows the user to hold a pen-shaped stylus with a pen-sized point, which is attached to a clear disc that provides the iPad with the finger-sized capacitive input that it requires.  The end result is a stylus that should allow the user to have greater control and to be more precise in their written input.

Although I’ve been happy with handwritten notes (try Noteshelf) on the iPad, there are times that greater control would be fantastic.  So I joined the project to buy two Jots for $25, which includes shipping.  In theory, one is for me and one for my wife.

My original thoughts about the Jot were that the disc would be a liability.  The more I’ve seen Jot’s videos (they put out a video nearly daily about the process), the more I’m convinced that the pen works.  Check out this video about the durability of the Jot (from Jot):

Jot’s trying to raise $80,000 on Kickstarter (the initial goal was $2,500, long since passed), which if met, would enable them to develop their own handwriting app, and distribute it free to Jot owners.  With fantastic apps, such as Noteshelf (second time I’ve plugged it, but that’s how much I like it, particularly with the new update), the app isn’t essential–but to anyone interested in a capacitive stylus, the Jot looks very promising and can be purchased for a great price (as an example, the Alupen sells for $24.95, not including shipping, and the Pogo Sketch sells for $14.95, not including shipping).  This might be the best stylus for anyone interested in handwriting music by hand on a capacitive touch screen.

No income is received from this blog if you purchase a Jot, nor will I receive any free products.


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