Android Tablet Music Readers and Android Tablet Music Apps

Several weeks ago, I asked if anyone knew of any good Android Tablet Music Readers.  ViolaJack was kind enough to write and remind me that there are a couple of non-PDF music readers and to suggest some general PDF readers:

FreeHand Music makes an Android tablet music reader, called MusicPad (which was the name of its previous stand-alone product), and MusicNotes also has an existing app, but they require specific source material (not PDF-based).

Among ViolaJack’s list of good PDF readers were Adobe’s Reader, Foxit, and Quick Office Pro.

This evening, ViolaJack wrote a post about the current state of Android sheet music readers, including an excerpt of an e-mail from the developers of forScore.  I highly recommend it.

Basically, Android is probably too “fragmented” in terms of active operating systems, format of tablets (widescreen or 4:3), size of tablets (5 inches to 11 inters), and overall limited sales (compared to 25 million iPads) to justify the amount of time and money that a developer would need to develop the app and see a financial benefit for creating a music reading app for the Android platform.  Perhaps the next Android OS, Ice Cream, will bring some stability to developers, so they could justify the creation of a music reading app across all the various Android incarnations.

And as for a list of Android Tablet Music Apps, here are a list of Android “Music” Apps that are listed as “Optimized for Honeycomb Tablets” by Galaxy Tab Forums.

Electrum Drum Machine
Qello Tablet
Chord! (Guitar Chord Finder)
Musical Pro
Google Music Beta
Midi Mixer
Amazon MP3
Qello for Tablet
Hive Player (Paid)
Hive Player Lite
Musical Pro w/Piano
Mediafy fot Tablets


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