A night for apps (ForScore and ClearTune) and Sibelius 7

Just a quick post to mention a couple of apps that have been updated or will be updated in the next hours.

ClearTune, my favorite instrument tuner for some time (I do like the tuner that comes with Guitar Toolkit), has been updated to 2.0, featuring a universal binary so it works on all iOS devices. This will be a great addition for instrumentalists and band/orchestra directors using an iPad (I think that many more directors will be using iPads in the coming year). And for those of you on Android devices, ClearTune is on Android, too.

forScore sent out a tweet (I attempted to retweet, but I’m not sure it went through) announcing that forScore 3.0 will be live within the next few hours. As I’ve mentioned before, I am a beta tester for UnrealBook, another PDF music reader, which is continuing to be developed. I’ve long been a proponent of having both PDF music readers on your iPad as a music educator, as they work differently and have different functionality. I look forward to forScore updates because I am not a beta tester, and it is always fun to see what they have added to new updates. Once it is live, I will probably write another review. Meanwhile, their website is down for updating as well! It’s probably a very exciting night for the forScore team.

iPad and Technology in Music Education by Paul Shimmons mentioned the release of Sibelius 7 today. It’s a big program (with all included sounds, it takes 36 GB on a hard drive) and a complete re-working of how Sibelius is done, and many of its new features are meant to lure Finale users away. MusicXML files are both imported and exported in Sibelius 7, whereas prior versions only offered import (without an expensive add-on).  A competitive upgrade is $199. As of this time, I will not be purchasing Sibelius, but I would also never say, “Never.” If you want to follow more of the news about Sibelius, check out Paul’s blog or the Sibelius blog. Finale 2012 won’t be coming out until the fall (it’s a late release, but Sibelius 6 had been out 26 months).


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